Traffic Update – closure of J15a/A43 junction

Overnight closure of J15a/A43 junction on 24th and 25th February. (Information received from Regulations Technician (WNC) on 08/02/2024).  A43 (M1 J15A) closure-DIVERSION Map

Traffic Update – Stoke Road

Information received from Kier (Highways):  Part of Stoke Road between Greenside and Knock Lane will be closed: (0930-1430)  between 25th -29th March to allow Kier to complete vegetation clearance works.  Kier have confirmed this will be a full road closure. (Information received 23/01/2024).

Traffic Update – Stoke Road

BPC have been notified that Anglian Water has requested a road closure.

Part of Stoke Road will be closed between 1st-3rd July to allow an air valve and chamber to be repaired. Stoke Road Closure Map 1-3 July   (Information received 06/02/2024).

We have asked Highways to confirm the start date for planned works on the subsiding section of Stoke Road.

Please help Blisworth Parish Council to support residents of Stoke Road –

Subsidence at Stoke Road – New Update  23/10/2023

We have just been notified that the Police are now requesting that all footage of vehicles contravening the 3T weight limit should be sent direct to:
Police Officer Kate Rideout (Neighbourhood Policing Team Officer) at and NOT TO OPERATION SNAP!
The Police have agreed to monitor the road due to the danger it poses to the public and also to those drivers that contravene the 3T weight limit.
Please note: Do not share images on any social media platforms as this impacts on the Police’s ability to prosecute.

This page will be used to share highways information and notices on closures and forthcoming works.

Blisworth Parish Council has sent a letter raising concerns regarding the ongoing traffic issues through the village. The letter has been sent for the attention of:

Councillor Jonathan Nunn, Leader of West Northants Council
Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom, Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire
Ian Rigby, Director Technical Development, National Logistics SEGRO
Scott Martin, Project Director Civils & Infrastructure WINVIC
Nick Henstock, Assistant Director for Highways
Sam Simons, Kier (Highways) West Northamptonshire council
Phil Larratt, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, West Northamptonshire Council
Stephen Mold, Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner
Please see below the letter from Blisworth Parish Council about the increasing traffic issues in Blisworth and the very grave concern regarding the impact of this traffic on the subsiding section of Stoke Road in Blisworth village.
Northamptonshire Police Operation Snap

Residents have noted an increase in the volume and weight of the traffic this week along Stoke Road, through the village.   May we ask you, friends and neighbours to take videos, if at all possible, and then post them on the Police website:   This helps to highlight the problem, rather than having just one email from the Blisworth Parish Council.  The Police may be more inclined to act if they get multiple emails from residents.   Please note that it is an offence to video another vehicle while actually driving.  Alternatively, if you could take the registration number and the name of the company etc on the overweight vehicle and notify the Police, they will investigate further.   Blisworth Parish Council have notified the Bridge and Highway Structures Team Leader to alert them to the fact that there is increased and increasing volume of traffic using Stoke Road and an increasing amount of  traffic that contravenes the 3.5 T weight restriction.  The Police have been made aware of this issue and KIER (Highways) agreed to also contact the Police so that they are made aware of the issues with this section of road and the need to enforce the weight restriction.

Subsidence at Stoke Road – Update
Blisworth Parish Council has contacted the Bridge and Highway Structures Team Leader for North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire dealing with the issue of subsidence at Stoke Road.  Highways have revised their initial plan for works at Stoke Road and are in talks with the Canal and River Trust and WNC.  Bliswoth Parish Council have alerted them to the fact that the road has deteriorated and that the hole has both widened and deepened and that it is impossible to pass.  Additionally the depth of the hole steers cars into the middle of the road into oncoming traffic. Highways have agreed to send out an engineer to check the condition of the road again this week (w/c 06/03/2023).
They have also agreed to send an updated plan and report on the condition of the road for residents, which will be posted on this website as soon as it is received.
Please note Blisworth Parish Council had already arranged a meeting with representatives of Highways to discuss the many traffic and road issues within Blisworth village and a major concern is the condition of Stoke Road and the impact of increased and increasing traffic along this route.
Highways have contacted Blisworth Parish Council with the following information:  They state that they have sent an engineer (w/c 06/03/2023) who has confirmed that:
‘while it may seem to have deteriorated, the settlement (at Stoke Road, Blisworth) is the same as previously inspected.’
They have agreed to send a Traffic Management contractor to see what additional signage can be installed to deter overweight vehicles from accessing Stoke Road from the direction of Shutlanger etc.   Please read the Highways Blisworth Stoke Road update March 2023 for details of their plans and current status.