BPC Standing Orders
Code-of-Conduct May 2022
BPC s137-Policy and Form
BPC Complaints-Procedure
BPC-Freedom of Information-Policy
BPC Data-Breach-Policy
BPC-Media-Request for Information Policy
BPC Financial Management & Risk Assessment Policy
BPC Performance Management Appraisal and Development Plan Policy
BPC Records-Retention-Policy
BPC Subject-Access-Request-Procedure
BPC Social-Media-Policy
BPC Internal Control Policy
BPC Human-Resources-Committee-Terms-of-Reference
BPC Equality Diversity Policy
BPC Internal Controls Checklist
BPC Record of gifts_hospitality received by Councillors or the Clerk
BPC Training and Development Policy
BPC Disciplinary Policy

BPC Asset Register Policy

BPC Financial Reserves Policy

Working Groups

BPC Events Working Group
BPC Finance Working Group Terms of Reference

Risk Assessments

RA Allotments
RA Closed Cemetery