Blisworth Community

Welcome Blisworth Community Page. You will be able to find information on the Community. In this section, you will find out about any planning permissions they may have. This could include information on projects that may take place or information on projects which have been given the green light.
It will also talk about the Neighbourhood watch, this will inform people on how they are making Blisworth a better and safer place to live. It is designed to prevent crime from taking place and making the security in Blisworth that little bit better to protect its surrounding and residents. If there is a sense of crime, then the Neighbourhood watch will be able to help the police out in making sure everyone is safe.
You will also have any information on any community groups that take place throughout the village. There are a number of groups that take place allowing people to meet new people, make friends and get involved in activities. The groups range from different activities meaning there should be a group for everyone.

It will also contain images of Blisworth and its surrounding beauty. Images like the canal bridge which residents of Blisworth love, it will also contain other image such as the countryside, pubs or landmarks.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan is available as a download on this website. Click on the link below!
This is a document to read and keep as a record of how Blisworth residents can maintain and develop their community over the next 5 years.
LOOK OUT FOR ongoing progress of the Action Plans on this website and in the Round and About newsletter.
LOOK OUT FOR projects that interest YOU, then join the many villagers who help to make Blisworth such a vibrant varied community.
more about The Parish Plan>>

Nature notes

Churchyard Wildlife     Springtime      Graveyard in June